A more transparent and efficient PoS campaign

The PoS Manager: everything you need for your visual marketing in one software solution

The web-based PoS Manager software family provides a practical solution to the challenges resulting from the planning and implementation of a visual marketing strategy. What makes it unique is its combination of planning, production, ordering and controlling tools in one system – at a cost which will not break the bank.


At a glance

The PoS Manager saves both time and money


What drives us

It is important to us to find out from our user´s where information gaps are hampering processes and what the real “time wasters” are. We can only attain the goals we set ourselves if we develop tools which save our users time whilst helping them to improve their results at the same time.

Our background

Our roots go back as far as the year 2000. Everything began as a contract
with logistics company Deutsche Post World Net. At the time, we were just a development unit of VIGNOLD, which remains to this day our exclusive distribution partner. We developed a brand asset management system, driven by our passion for making marketing easier for our customers. This entailed the development of applications for P&C, C&A and the Tengelmann Group which went far beyond the functions of basic asset management. The expertise we have gained has since been brought together in our PoS Manager and adSuite products.

Our team

Our products’ lifeblood is the people who develop them. In our company,
there are concept developers, product managers, frontend designers,frontend and backend developers, application developers and implementation consultants. We all have a burning passion for our solutions, jumping on new impulses and expanding on new ideas. What’s more, working in cooperation with universities and other players in the technology world helps us to keep our finger on the pulse of time.


Asset Manager

Everything is in one place, accessible at all times.

The Asset Manager is a database which allows for data such as logos, images,text modules and videos to be centrally stored and managed. Entire supplements and advertising materials can also be backed up as PDF
documents. The Asset Manager structures your media in a way which can be clearly viewed online – in this respect, it is the foundation of a wide variety of further modules.


Signage Organizer

Perfect price marking – an important aspect of PoS.

Price labels display important information on the sales floor. However, they must be quickly and dependably updated in line with marketing cycles and product line changes. Ensuring a consistent presence is reliant upon a unified picture across the sales floor. The Signage Organizer allows for the swift and easy preparation of price labels and similar advertising materials. In doing so,the system ensures that the right design elements are used throughout.


Image Organizer

Workflow overview ensured, from beginning to end.

The implementation of large images, headers or other visual elements for PoS requires consultation between marketing, sales and branch merchandising teams. These tend to be a waste of time and money, and often lead to mistakes being made. The Image Organizer is a central system which allows for the planning and implementation of visual marketing strategies at the point of sale. The software can centrally manage all areas where visual marketing is implemented.


Facilities Library

Central access to all branch information –
a foundation for every campaign

In brandstreet‘s Facilities Library, all promotional information for branch locations can be maintained – from the number of entrances to the size of window panes. Using this as a base, campaign ideas can be adapted to real live branch settings and costs can be forecast for various campaign scenarios, filtering with combinable parameters.
For example, with just a few clicks, you can visualize exactly how many backlit windows of menswear you can fit across 3 meters of space.


Marketing Shop

Merchandise management system for decorating tools – with central ordering function

The Marketing Shop is a central ordering system designed for PoS marketing materials such as decorating tools, figures, furniture, signage hardware, and much more. Each user can order from the product catalog according to their permissions and budget. There is then a self-guided approval process before the total order is put through. Order statistics and branch locations can be called at any time. The Marketing Shop offers the perfect service platform for all affiliated branches, franchisees, and wholesale partners.



Overviews of campaign execution –
controlling at any time

The Storecheck module enables regular, structured photo documentation of the execution of your campaign. With the Storecheck App, your regional manager or branch staff can take pictures with any mobile device. This enables personnel on site to orient themselves to a specific perspective for relevant customer touch points (or rather, view points). The photos will be tagged through this prestructure — more tags can be added at any time.


Fashion, Food & more

Ob Automotive, Fashion oder andere Segmente, in denen höchste Ansprüche an den visuellen Auftritt gestellt werden – immer mehr Marken und Retailer vertrauen in unsere Expertise im Bereich des Visual Marketing.


Find out how complexity can become clarity. Try out the PoS Manager now. It’s as simple as the PoS Manager itself: enter your contact information, click send, and you’re done. We’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions,our exclusive distribution partner VIGNOLD is happy to help.
Telefon: +49 2102 944-4
E-Mail: brandstreet@vignold.de

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